Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How To Play Baseball (Expository Essay)

Learning how to play Baseball is fun. I can teach you how to play baseball. You need gear like a ball, a glove, a bat, a helmet, bases and a team or other players.
First you need to find a team or friends to play with. Then you need some gear, a ball, a glove, a bat, and bases. Then you set up the bases in their spots. The field is diamond shaped and you put out three bases and a home plate.
The point of Baseball is to get runs in. You need a batter and fielders. The batter hits the ball when the pitcher pitches you a good ball. You need to run to the bases before the fielders catch the ball and tag you out. You get a run in when you have run around 1st, 2nd, 3rd and then home plate, where you started from.
I like Baseball because it's fun to learn.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Directions To My Room!! (Creating an Expository Paragraph)

This is how to get to my bedroom. Come in the back door of the house. From the boot-room/laundry room take a left then go straight down the hallway, pass the living room and the kitchen. Then take a short right turn and then take a left turn. VoilĂ  you found your destination,
My Room!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

December 21/09 Journal Entry I Want To Share

Since we've been in Puerto Rico there's been lots of stray dogs. I feel sorry for them, they make me want to take them home. There was one black one at the beach. I wanted to to take him him because he was a nice dog. But we cant because were moving to Terrace, but we might get one in Terrace. I only want one from here......

Here a few things my mom and I found on the problem: (We haven't watched this yet so I'm not 100% sure of it's content, as it wouldn't work for us)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Biking With The Big Boys

One April afternoon my family, friend's and I went to the B&K amp; logging road biking trails. We drove up a bumpy gravel road to some cool biking trails.
I got to ride with my dad and his friend. Riding with the them was awesome! Jay, dad's friend said, "Go underneath the drop and I will jump over you!" So I did. I tweaked out a bit because I was at the end of the landing, and Jay hollered out my name. I thought he was going to land on my head.
I learned that mountain biking can be fun with the other people. I want to go do it again sometime soon!!


I didn't actually do the drop it would've been really scary

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Puerto Rico Adventures Part 1....starring Hailie

Ms. Stupid...............................Ms. Grumpy

I only have one sister. My sister's name is Hailie and she is annoying. She really likes dresses and skirts, escpecially her pink ballet outfit. She is a foot shorter than me, has blond hair with a purple streak in it and blue/green eyes. She is so annoying and acts very wierd and stupid. She likes to wrestle, eat her toes and do really silly things that drive me nuts. I want to beat her on Wii. I have some great pictures of some of the strange things my sister likes to do from Puerto Rico. Hailie likes to pretend to hate me but she really does love me and I hate her too just the same way she hates me. She really isnt a horibble sister she does some pretty cool things, but definitley wierd:)

Ms. Toe Eater..........................Ms. Weird

And see I actually do love my sister!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fox Tailed Deers

We had come home from a drive to town , when I decided to hang around outide because I saw some deer. We like to call them fox tailed deer. They were hanging out in the big green yard. There was two deer, eating grass and leaves.
At first I thought I would throw some pebbles at them to scare them away, and then my sister rattted me out. Mom and I had a discussion about throwing things at animals, and she told me that if I wanted to work with animals then I shouldnt throw things at them, but be quite and watch them.
So I decided to take my camera outside and got some good pictures and a really cool video of the deer. Eventaully they got scared of us and ran away.......well I chased them away but I didnt mean to.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Connor's Gibson Adventure

We live in Gibsons, we have had a awesome adventure checking out the town. We also have been checking out the scenery. There is water falls, boats, deer, geese, library and most of all the nature.
The waterfalls we have seen are located in Cliff Gilker Park. It is a pretty cool park to explore and discover neat trees and trails. There is two waterfalls at the park, they are not huge but are still pretty cool.
We saw lots of boats by the water, but the best one was the Beach Combers boat they had up by Molly's Reach. My sister decided to climb on the ropes they had around the boat and they broke. Mom tried to fix the rope, but couldnt because the tape they had on it would'nt hold, so mom put it down and said lets just leave, someone will fix it. They did fix it later on, when we went back to see the boat with dad the rope had been fixed with a nail.
There is lots of wildlife here. Everytime we go for a walk we run into at least two deer. They like to stand there and watch us as we go by. We have also seen lots of geese coming back for summer. The geese are kinda dirty though cause the poo everywhere.
We also have been spending lots of time in the library, we can take home 40 books, thats a lot of books to read in 3 weeks. We also like to grab movies, we have watched Narnia, Lady and the Tramp 2, Karate Dogs and other cool movies. I have also been able to get video games for school there, like Math Blaster.
We have lots of things to still explore in Gibsons, there is many trails to check out and soon we will have our bikes so we can go bike around. I am very excited to see more of Gibsons and am looking forward to the hike down to the ocean when Late For Dinner gets here.
So far Gibsons has been pretty cool , and we have been busy. It is going to get busier though, cause we have swimming lessons, baseball and Hailie has ballet. Yucky ballet! Soon hopefully mom will remeber to sign me up for Sea Kayaking.